The Coupon Equation- A Re-Post for Beginners

5 Sep

Coupons = Money!

From this point forward, when you hear the word “coupon” I want you to reprogram your ears to hear the word “money” because coupons are no longer a dreaded thing of the past!  If you asked my opinion of coupons 10 years ago, I probably would have rolled my eyes at you and listed at least 10 reasons as to why I did not have the time to clip them.  Five years ago I would not have realized that these little pieces of paper would save my financial stability in the future.

If you subscribe to a Sunday newspaper then you already know the middle of your newspaper contains some very valuable savings.  Would you be surprised if I told you that coupons can be found elsewhere?  It has become common myth that you must purchase a Sunday paper in order to secure coupons, but this is just a myth!   Now is the time to open up the flood gates of couponing…..

Let us begin with the first coupon resource, a technological super-highway traveled by the tips of your fingers; the mystical and magical online world!  If you have access to a computer, then you have access to some of the best coupon printing opportunities out there.  Coupon hunting takes time; I am not going to lie to you.  You need to scan the various coupons and select which ones you need.  You also need to print the coupons and clip them.  I truly want you to save money so my job is to tell you where to find online coupons.  Your job is to figure out which coupons best fit your household needs and print those coupons. An environmentally friendly message: printing out coupons you will never use wastes paper, so please only print out the ones you know you will use.

Here are the online sites you should visit at least twice monthly for printable coupons:

  •  Type in your zip code. Voila! Coupons.
  • Type in your zip code & let the savings begin!
  • Type in your zip code 🙂
  • Sign up for a free account and you will gain access to a plethora of savings!
  •  Sign up for a free account and gain instant access to Campbell’s coupons
  •  No account needed, just click on “Download Hood Coupons” on the lower right hand side of your computer screen.
  •  Yep, that’s right organic purchases just got cheaper! Create a free account to get your coupons.

A helpful little note for you…… A lot of manufacturers offer online coupons, never hesitate to look up your favorite brands to see if they offer coupons.  The above listed links are links I use the most, a very tried and trustworthy group of online coupons I can always depend on.  You should feel free to do some research of your own to find the coupons that are right for you.

Now you ask how to really save money?

  • Compare your coupons to the grocery store saving circular.
  • You can also go here and here to find store sale-to-coupon match ups (I will also be starting these in another month on my website for Stop & Shop and Shaws)
  • Use your coupons for items that are on sale, to get the best savings.
  • Use a coupon for an item you need to purchase or were planning on purchasing.  Essentially people waste money on buying a product just because they have a coupon.  If you weren’t planning on buying that jumbo sized package of cookies, why even spend any money on it? Just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean you have to use it.
  • Now, you have matched your coupons to the items on sale, to save time just clip out the coupons you need for the shopping trip you are planning.  Save the rest of the coupon clipping for later, and find an empty binder or even a large plastic bag to store the unclipped coupons.
  • When you write out your shopping list make notations (such as this ©) as a reminder that you have a coupon for the product.  This visual reminder will help to avoid those pesky little situations where you forget to give a cashier one of your coupons.

Here is an example of how much money you save matching a coupon to a sale item:

  • Cookie Mix: Regularly priced at $2.00/pkg
  • On Sale: 2pkg/$3.00 ($1.50ea)
  • Coupon:  .40c off of 1pkg (if you found this coupon online, print more than one!)

The savings…

  • Shaws, Star Market, & Stop and Shop doubles all coupons that are .99c and under.
  • Your .40c coupon off of 1pkg then becomes .80c off of 1pkg.
  • The cookie mix is on sale for $1.50/pkg minus .80c doubled coupon.
  • The grand total for each package of cookie mix on sale is:  70 cents or 2pkg/$1.40.
  • Grand total savings for 2 packages of cookie mix: $1.60

Using your coupons with items on sale maximizes your savings.  You will eventually run into a situation where you have a coupon for an item you need, and the item is not on sale.  You can still use the coupon; it will still save you money, just not as much money.

In closing, the key to successful couponing is the ability for you to plan ahead.  If you are currently living on a set household budget, then you already know how to plan ahead.  Avoid coupon impulse purchases at all costs; this will only set you back financially.  Know exactly what your needs are, and stick to those needs.  Most importantly, when you hand your coupons over to the cashier; pay close attention that all your coupons were scanned in accurately.  Technology is a wonderful thing, but computers make mistakes too.


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